We’ve been talking about the Boutique AF Cigar Jubilee for months so we rolled the Oscuro up to Cigar Shenanigans in North Conway for the day to do this episode with Erik Wentworth of Hammer & Sickle, our first guest way back on Episode 5. Along with Erik we have Nick Goss, Penny Piva and Mad Kevin in the 2nd the guest seat. We learn about the Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall and Caleanoch Cigars plus their history. Penny tells us about the Mystery Sampler and Cigars for Warriors. Check Rick’s fuzzy math on the rating, the average of 9.25 + 9.5 + 9.75 + 10.7 is 9.8.

Local Spotlight – Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge; North Conway, NH

Hidden Herf 101 / Cigar Shenanigans

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