The weather is so good that we go out on Enema Lake for a second week in a row. It’s the Strawberry Moon and the sky is crystal clear. We start in the middle of the lake to avoid the bugs but the wind kicks up and we start moving. This might be the first time we recorded while moving, but when we get into the cove, at the 14:30 mark, it’s a dead calm. The Hidden Herf is a special find by Nurse Rick from the local spotlight, of course, it’s so rare that no one has seen it before. It’s “Fish On” and the Podcast Juice is flowing. We are back to the regular events format – there are actual events to report!

Local Spotlight: Happy Jack’s Cigars, Pipe and Tobacco Shop; Laconia, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Mike Jr.

Hidden Herf 134 / Strawberry Moon on Enema Lake

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