Two years ago this week we did episode #40 in the same location, Two Guys in Seabrook NH, with Mr. Bojimbles and it happened to be one of the regulars’ birthday, Dave was 78. Well, it’s two years later, he’s 80 and still smoking up a storm so we return to help celebrate. It’s another show with a cast of “thousands”, but still lots of laughs. Ricky and Dom peg the Hidden Herf after some careful analysis led by Mr. Bojimbles. We meet some new people including; The Baroness, The Hauler, and Jen-Jen-Jen, who hops on for a few minutes between helping customers. Paige stops in, Franky and Sid are in the audience for moral support – they’re the best!

Local Spotlight – Two Guys Smoke Shop; Seabrook, New Hampshire

Conspiracy Corner – Ay, Corona! Where’s all the plastic sheeting coming from?

Hidden Herf 144


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