Direct from the sidewalk, we kick off Labor Day weekend and have a great event at Cigars R Us in Danvers. We are joined by Bugs from Hiram & Solomon Cigars and Sweets from the local Mason Shrine. We smoke the Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man Lanceros while we learn about the brand and what it stands for. Coin and can shortages, a recap of the CANH Golf Tournament and the Reverend “Foster Brooks” round out the first half of the show. Gringo Star leads the shop regulars in a robust discussion for Conspiracy Corner.

Local Spotlight – Cigars R Us; Danvers, MA

Conspiracy Corner – Get your hair done in SFO, Pro Sports are canceling themselves, The end of the Snow Day as we know it.

Hidden Herf 147 / Setting up / Spread out on the side walk

Cigars R Us / Hiram & Solomon Line

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