This week we are at the Route One BNG (Business Networking Group) open event. It is a gathering of local businesses that includes cigars, a bar and pizza. Impromptu, we are joined by Scott Whitley, BNG member and host of the Boston radio and TV show; Wicked Bites. Scott and the Hacks talk with various Rt. 1 BNG members, who just happen to be cigar smokers too. It’s like a pop-up cigar lounge on the back patio at The Breakaway. The cigar stories are great and the banter around the economic perspective from the folks in the trenches is priceless.

Wicked Bites Radio and TV
New England Tree Company
Saugus Karate Kung Fu
Northeastern Fence
First Class Processing

Local Spotlight – Route One BNG at The Breakaway; Danvers, MA

Controversy Corner – Some things are going up in price artificially.

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