This week the Hacks put on the Vouchers for Veterans; Smok’em If You Got’em Event at the Smokey Quartz Distillery in Seabrook NH, a veteran owned operation. The event was a huge success. The Hidden Herf was also a huge success, receiving a high rating from the panel.  CSM George made the trip up from CT to join us for this special veterans event and was joined by Mr. Bojimbles of Two Guys, and MJ of the Black Bottle Beard Co. We speak with Jeanne from Vouchers for Veterans, Edgar from Aladino, Sam from Stone Oven Catering and Frank from the Smokey Quartz Distillery during the episode.

Our Vouchers for Veterans business supporters included:
– Smokey Quartz Distillery – let us hold the event on their back lot.
– Two Guys Cigars – supplier of cigars and more.
– Aladino Cigars – our cigar brand sponsor.
– Plaistow Cigar – major swag and auction item donations.
– Black bottle Beard Oil Co. – auction items and more.
– Saddle-Up Saloon – helped us in a big way.
– Tri-Rent rentals – supplied the tables and chairs.
– Stone Oven Catering – kept the pizzas coming.

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