Recorded north of Twins, Twins, Twins from The Stunning Christy’s garage, garage, garage. We are joined by JoJo Mo and The Happy Hooker on the remote. Nurse Rick pulls out a Hidden Herf that no one has smoked before. Cigar Planner site is down & Limo talk. Current Events reported by the Reverend Harvey. Local Spotlight from Big Man Tate. The Retrohale; Spooktacular and T.L. Johnson episodes. All y’all. The robotics challenge, an impromptu report from a passer-by.

Current Events: The Reverend Harvey rocks the Current Events this week.

Local Spotlight: Michael’s Tobacco; Euless, TX (Way to go Tate!)

Conspiracy Corner: The conspiracy panelists have not returned from the beyond, put out an APB!

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