Cigar Craig joins the Hacks for an hour and a quarter of cigar talk and banter about many of other topics; Cigar Craig’s Podcast, how the Cigar Craig Blog started, dogs, chickens, other animals, regional accents, growing tobacco, Carlito’s auctions, stopping at JR Cigars, “Presidential” cigars, Plymouth Pebble (Rock), Cigar Hacks back story, Saco River Trip, and Veterans Day.

Current Events: The Reverend Harvey tells us what’s happening at the shops we have featured.

Local Spotlight: Sosa Family Cigar; Orlando, FL

Conspiracy Corner: The counting of votes is not as difficult as it seems in Broward County.

Sosa Family Cigar; Orlando, FL / The “Sosa Handrolls”

Hidden Herf 52 / Lazaro the roller

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