Recorded in the original location [Plaistow Cigar Co.] with the original Cigar Hacks [Matty, Nick, Dave plus Rick &Harvey] we review the first year of The Cigar Hacks. We saved extra Hidden Herfs from almost every episode and each pick out a few favorites to smoke during this episode. There’s a segment covering all the Hacks and guests from the past year and one on the history of The Cigar Hacks, The Cold Draw and Podcast Juice.

We discuss a multitude of topics including:

  • Favorite Hidden Herfs
  • Licking cigars before lighting
  • Our favorite shops
  • The political climate and recent election
  • Netflix – Goosebumps; Outlaw King; The Equalizer 2
  • Liberty & Hawthorn Hotel Hauntings
  • Our Favorite episodes including excerpts form:

Episode 5: It’s Black Friday Every Day
Episode 22: Raw Meat
Episode 32: False Starts on Enema Lake
Episode 37: Make a Sandwich; with The Retrohale
Episode 44: Dead in the Water with Skippy & The Mate

Featuring: Skippy, The Mate, The Brooklyn Chick, Comedy Chris, Dommie the Dominator, Dommies Doll, Erik Wentworth, and Corespondent Mike

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