After last week we calm down a little with a mellow smoke and episode. We still have a lot of fun with Podcast Juice and a bunch of Hack updates. Nurse Rick brings us a Hidden Herf suggested by our friend Erik Wentworth of Hammer and Sickle. The Reverend Harvey rolls through the current events with style. Bushy and the Dominator keep us in line. The magazine “falls out of the rafters” and lands in the middle of this episode. Pallets for the fire-pit, deer are everywhere, driving in the snow storm, Dom’s ventilation “hack”, some extra gas, and the Dudley. A shameless give-away is considered to encourage listener participation – send us an email at and we may read it on the show.

Local Spotlight: Castro’s at The Station Bar; Keene, NH

Conspiracy Corner: We revisit the Denver Airport discussions.

Castro’s at The Station Bar; Keene, NH

Hidden Herf 52 / Podcast Juice at The Station

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