Special guest “Pastor Padron” joins the Hacks in-lounge and teaches us about pipes, pipe smoking and how it crosses over to cigars. The Hidden Herf  is a mail-in from “Alex the Bastard” and it’s everything we could expect from Alex. The “Reverend Harvey” coins a few new terms. “Bike Rider Mike” and “Bruce the Boss of Retirement” join us from the lounge for a segment where we get into the political craziness that NH becomes for a presidential election cycle. There’s a Kurt sighting and almost a cameo.

Local Spotlight: Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH – New Pipe Station

Conspiracy Corner: We try to suck-in the audience members, which itself is a bit of a conspiracy.

Twins Smoke Shop; Londonderry, NH

Hidden Herf 76 / Hammer & Sickle Lamp w/Podcast Juice

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