Jim Price from C.L.E. Cigars joins us again. Episode #69 was so much fun with Jim that we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity at the C.L.E. event from our home base to do another. There is a lot of cigar content but, our first animal guest, “Gunner”, the pit bull rescue dog along with his puppy mama, “Celine Dandelion”, set the tone for this one. Chappy, The Chaplin, takes a few questions from our regular call-in and things quickly go off the rails. With the Podcast Juice flowing it’s awful hard to close the show because the last five minutes are a bona fide laugh riot.

Local Spotlight: C.L.E Cigars at Plaistow Cigar Co.; Plaistow, NH

Conspiracy Corner: 90 minutes and not a conspiracy topic in sight, plenty of laughs in it’s place this week.

“No-So” Hidden Herf 79 / Hammer & Sickle Lamp w/Podcast Juice

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