Richard Carleton Hacker, the author of “The Ultimate Cigar Book”, joins us on the remote while the in-studio guests are Mr. Johnathan and David Garofalo of “The Cigar Authority”. We talk about history, cigars, pipes, and spirits. With a couple of professional interviewers and a great subject to interview this quickly becomes the most informative episode we have done to date. The spirits we sample, while smoking the Hidden Herf, are the Four Roses Small Batch and Ardbeg 10 Year. Nurse Rick pegs the Hidden Herf again and asks the question that sends us in an odd direction. The spirits are detailed by Richard, but it’s Mr. Johnathan’s description that is spot-on. We talk about writing, editing, and publishing including Richard’s cigar, pipe and spirits books plus David Garofalo’s “David vs. Goliath”. Notables from the trade show: Lighters.

Local Spotlight – Studio 21 Podcast Cafe (Upstairs at Two Guys Smoke Shop); Salem, NH

Conspiracy Corner – Storm Area 51, Mueller Testimony, Facebook and the FTC, Digital assistants are spying on us.

Studio 21 Podcast Cafe / Richard’s Book / Hidden Herf 90


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